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DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas | Last Minute Diwali Home Decor Ideas *GIVEAWAY* !!

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In this video I will be showing you guys Easy Last minute DIY Diwali Room Decoration Ideas that you can do at Home! And I have a surprise for you guys so stay till the end of this video.

Winners of this Giveaway are:
• Rhea Vaz
• Chanda Bansal
Giveaway is Closed! Thank you so much for participating! 🙂 Stay Tuned for more videos and Giveaways 💙

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Thank you so much for watching my video.! It means a lot.! Keep Inspiring.!

Loads of love.!
– Ayushi


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  1. Hey Guys!! Finally the video is up!! 🙆🏻‍♀️ Watch till the end I have a Surprise for you! 😘✨ I have more videos and Giveaways coming up!! So excited!
    Thank you for always supporting! It means everything to me!! 💙

  2. Raju Raju says:

    You are so intelligent and we are asking to all that please make sure to subscribe to creation toInspire.

    And please give any reply am girl this is my father's phone I hope you your will give any reply to me thank you very very very much

    Lovingly your's subscribe😚😊

  3. What is the exact name of the double sided tape at 1:15

  4. Done 👍

    You look soo gorgeous 😘 love to watch your videos ❤️

  5. 10 Best wardrobe storage organizers /wardrobe organizers online/easy wardrobe organizer ideas :

  6. The pillow is so beautiful! Also, bohot ache lagre ho♥️

  7. All of the are so pretty n easy to make😍😍😍..Please give the link of the glue gun that u use.

  8. Di next video aaj hi ayegi ??

  9. Arpita Soni says:

    Amazing ❤️💖💖

  10. Diii whyyyy mujhe bhi jitna tha bt it's ok next time i will try bt dii plzzz sirf utube giveaway bhi kriyega

  11. Di maine apne di ke id se apko follow to kr diya h bt di meri id ni btane de rhi h😅 and i want to win this giveaway bcz if i won this then i will be able to buy some craft supplies which i don't have and i had never bought a lots of craft supplies at one time so i really want to win this giveaway di what can i do🙁😫plzzz help n dii

  12. Good Morning Di…I am back 😁

  13. crafter me says:

    " Done"
    Love these diwali diys ❤❤
    Loved the background and specially you 😘😘
    Keep uploading such decors😍😍
    Close to 400k …congrats!!👍🏻💕💗

    Insta id : l._unicorn_.l

  14. "Done"
    And I really really really love all your diy vedios they are so damn good!! God bless you dear😊keep up the good work❤

  15. Done!😃
    Not gonna lie di but each and every craft u did from past 4 years are amazing!❤️
    I mean,the crafts you make show the efforts you put on it to prepare it.❤️❤️
    Recently I tried one of your crafts and both me and my dad struggled to make only one craft 😂
    So I really appreciate each n every craft of urs because it literally takes so much time,so I'm not gonna say which craft I like the most because I cannot degrace the other crafts and looking very pretty as always!!😃❤️
    Following u from past 4 years 😁 and am so happy to see u grow with many subscribers day by day…:)
    Hope that u come across my comment and I hope I brought atleast a smile on your face and if did so then please select me as a winner as I'll be really happy with the gift 😊
    Lots of love and positivity to you ❤️❤️❤️👍
    And also I don't have a ig account 😔

  16. DONE….
    IG: @dolly_art_creations

  17. Shrutayyaya says:

    Wooowww loved this video much awaited.. I was recommended this channel by my mom and you won't believe she told me how creative your diys are .. she loves youu.. and yeahh keep going .. my insta handle is s.pvt16_ wrote this comment from my heart tbh🌻❤️..

  18. I love all your DIYs and really they are just super awesome!❤️
    They make me a lotttt happy and so do you!😍
    I'm really inspired by you!🤗#Inspire_Fam😋

  19. done…your videos are awesome….ur are very hardworking..You're inspiring……You have the best ideas….I love the way how you present it Thanking you for making these videos

  20. Anndria says:

    done…I just love ur videos…simple n humble…n also love the way how you present it…the effort u take can be seen in ur videos…Your videos are awesome….ur are very hardworking..You're inspiring……You have the best ideas…I love the way how you present it Thanking you for making these videos

  21. Diiii what happened to you why are you not answering plzzzzzz tellll when you are going to tell the winners it's the first time i m going to see your giveaway winners i think u will tell the name at 12:00oclock i think 😅

  22. Noura Arora says:

    Di when are u going to announce winners ?

  23. Diiiiii why are you not telling the winners plzzzzzz tell us diii we areee waiting 😩😩😩😫😫😫😫😫😞😞😞😞😖😖😖😖😖

  24. Patel Paresh says:

    Dii who is the winner of the giveaway plzz tell

  25. Di plzzzz announce the winners fastt plzzzzzzz

  26. Di today is 26 when u r going to announce winners

  27. When u r releasing the winners ??

  28. "Done!"
    Hey Di!❄
    Love your videos🎀 Today you was looking extraordinary Cute and Beautiful🥰 Detailings on your videos are fantastic✌🏻 love your background💫..Totally love the way you explain the Diys💯 Keep Growing!! You deserve much more❣400K soon🥳 Congratss!!🤩❄

    Insta- @princegoyal23

    From your huge fan🌈

  29. Suraj Yadav says:

    Hello Di aal te idea was to good like you

  30. Who is the winner ayushi di pls tell

  31. Hanisha R says:

    I❤️ U .Your ideas are so good I have almost tried every ideas It as came out so good…

  32. "Done"
    Thankyou for your creative ideas😘😘

  33. Di tell the winners fast i m waiting and i also know that I m not going to win the giveaway 😌

  34. Sara Sakeena says:

    Your pretty in your work and looks

  35. Sara Sakeena says:

    Your pretty in your work and looks

  36. Sara Sakeena says:

    Wow so pretty you are looking and your decorated place around you❤

  37. Sara Sakeena says:

    Wow so pretty you are looking and your decorated place around you❤

  38. Chinnarao vl says:

    Mam pls announce give away winners we are waiting