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A Total Beginner's Guide to Woodworking

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Why do so many people love woodworking these days? Don’t know where to begin? Here’s a look at what you can expect from this hobby. More resources►►
Set up shop for less than $1000. FREE GUIDE ►
18 things every beginning woodworker should know ►
7 Essential Power Tools for Beginning Woodworkers ►
Safety BASICS ►


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  1. Brandy webb says:

    Something you not crying and stalking over obviously. But the head game that got away. Bitch please, im the best in the business.😎

  2. Keith Conrad says:

    woodworking is a very solitary hobby. If you introverted and enjoy working alone then it might be for you.

    The best motivation I could ever get.

  3. Thank you I asked my Dad for wood and a wood carving kit for Christmas and it just got here today and I really wanted how to do this before trying so I wouldn't mess the wood or tools up. of course I didt get any kind of power tool but still this was very helpful.

  4. Hello Steve, I retired, aged 61, just before Christmas and I have a 10 feet by 8 feet workshop being erected soon. I've discovered your Youtube site and can't wait to get started. Great videos.

  5. Olympus 61 says:

    Carpenter vs craftsman- craftsman knows how to hide their mistakes..

  6. Joshua B says:

    20 seconds in. Has Steve seen my YouTube watched history?!

  7. Great personality and content!

  8. I love how positive you are, I'm gonna watch all your videos 😀

  9. Love this Steve. I just subscribed

  10. i would love to start building my own stuff but i live in nyc and do not have a shop or a garage xD for some reason i wanna work more with hands im an electrician but feel building things ouut of wood looks really fun

  11. Right then the beginners video has finished. What order to watch your videos in now then Steve?

  12. WakingGiant says:

    Thank you Steve Ramsey for taking the time to make this video.
    I grew up in a family with no trade skills, and have always been on computers due to the fact. I hate it. This video inspired me to get a few books, and start up a few projects.
    Best regards.

  13. Achini E says:

    Loved this video!

    "Can I do this?

  14. love this! not only informative but funny as hell!! about to binge this whole site until im a half decent woodworker

  15. I did it once at school for fun and we'll it was awesome but it sucks that somethings you learn from school and then when you leave half of it you don't even take with you as an adult. I think the only thing i remember doing in class by my self was making spoons and that was cool but now i forgot how to do it.

  16. I love this video cause you hit a lot of points like you were in my mind lol

  17. That was a lot of talking but I was happy listening. 🙂

  18. bingster 223 says:

    They have been recommending your channel to me everytime I search how to build videos. Most of the time they are not even on the topics im searching for. I decided to watch this and I watched another one previously. So after watching the 2 videos I also decided to subscribe.

  19. codeChris says:

    As someone who works on the computer professionally but is now also interested in wood working I am so glad I found your channel. I know it sounds crazy but I see ALOT of parallels between wood working and coding. Anyone can do it if they are interested to learn and a lot of it comes down to problem solving to reach the end product.

  20. BEC's Girl says:

    Mind reader; you!!!!

  21. I love problem-solving. Hence why I am a programmer.

  22. why don't i get bore watching you again and again???

  23. Ian Durias says:

    no… i have actually made wooden gun with a trigger mechanism and a humungous rubber band that propels bottlecaps at an insane amount of speed… so, basically I've been a woodworker since i was a kid… or not

  24. Lisa Moore says:

    Spot On! New subby right here. :0)

  25. Im watching this vid because me, my uncle, and my dad, are going to start a project on Saturday. We want to build a huge “box” under my bed with openings. We want it for my dog to hang out in. As a 17 year old female, my uncle and dad were reluctant to let me help. I want to prove myself. Your vids are helping me so much!

  26. That's hilarious! Those turning to woodworking are Millennials that want to make stuff your hands and get away from working from a computer! As I raise my hand! I am an Online HS Mathematics teacher. I need something that involves problem solving and to get a way from my computer. I saw my grandpa in the workshop all time building things and I even helped occasionally.

  27. Jax93 says:

    I come from 3 generations of woodworking and all 3 generations did this as a living and I do this for a living I think if you do not have years of experience and do this as a hobby you call yourself a hobbyist not a woodworker you need to earn that title by years of learning hard work and experience you can’t just make a couple of things and say your a wood worker

  28. C Dhan says:

    youre soooo freaken awesome!

  29. We enjoy your videos Steve, Thank you. You really take the 'stress' out of woodworking, and remind us to have fun and wow that is sooo important. Thanks again for your style! and humor. 😉

  30. Noam says:

    this video is perfect. THANK YOU

  31. Lesplay says:

    I'm here because of Ron Swanson

  32. S E says:

    You had me at 3:20 😁. Subscribed! 🙂 YOU are an awesome and evolved man! I was talking with a Marine a few months ago and he mentioned he does quilting for relaxation. The guy was as big as a bus station, I don’t think anyone will give him slack! 🤣 It's getting better- people should just do hobbies they are interested in and good at for heaven sake. Anyway, this woman thanks you! Woo hoo- off to work on projects now! 😁

  33. Dopesalad says:

    Very entertaining and assuring. Thank you!
    I want to try this now.

  34. Adam Ziel says:

    I feel like I am a maker wanting to get into woodworking but plan on mixing them all together. For example: I'd love to make a table where I use the sawdust in my compost bin to help my vegetables grow so I can cook things on that table and grow those vegetables in elaborate garden beds with beautifully painted pictures on them.

  35. tp7886 says:

    Thanks real life Phil Dunphy.

  36. That Guy says:

    You're right… that's exactly how I ended up here

  37. Riley Sitter says:

    Im going to build a bed frame for my first apartment. Its my first project. I knoe its big but it a very simple design. And I just found this channel and thank God I did!!

  38. Has anyone else ever wanted to make something out of wood but have only had a Saw and couldn't even cut the damn wood straight and gave frustrated or is it just me

  39. Carpenters do woodworking, but mostly 2×4 or 2×6 (2by) and plywood (sheet goods). Your building something… you have home builders, furniture makers, woodworkers and craftsmen,etc…. I think the distinction gets blurred. If you go up and down a ladder your doing carpentry, if you obsess your doing trim carpentry. lol

  40. Apple Juice says:

    I haven't built anything in a good few years so I wanted to brush up before I built a bird perch

  41. that video was repevent and F amazing

  42. Ghost5.7 says:

    I want to start woodworking but my one issue is not knowing what work surfaces are needed. I understand a table saw is needed but is there a specific type if work-table ill need?

  43. Ghost5.7 says:

    Man i want to start woodworking but …… its seems so overwhelming lol

  44. yolo a says:

    Last year I learned in Building and Construction basic safety skills. I had the chance to use hand tools, power tools and the introduction to read blue prints. I watched videos on construction site safety and workshop hazards, I also learned about basic math and measurements. We used power tools to cut wood and build bird houses. We sometimes work in groups in the workshop to work on certain projects