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7 Amazing Room Decor | wall decoration ideas | Fashion pixies | light decoration ideas for room

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Handmade wall decoration ideas | LED wall art |wall decoration ideas for bedroom | room decorating ideas | home decor ideas | decoration ideas for room | room craft ideas

To view all the ideas shown in this video differently and in detail, you can see all the video slowly by clicking the playlist link given below.
Home decoration with lights :-

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In this video :-
1) art and craft
2) paper craft
3) diy projects
4) wall hanging
5) diy wall hanging craft ideas
6) craft
7) diy
8) easy crafts
9) living room decor
10) wall clock decoration
11) tree wall hanging


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    Using the small fairy lights with battery pk that's tiny would be easier to hide and not so bulky. Get them on Amazon, much easier!!

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    Number 4 is it?? The gold & black leaves with the sticks & the clock in the moddle ;is the bomb! I love it!! You can't even tell it eas hand made. It's beautiful. When I get some time,I have to male it.. Thank you sooo much!!

  14. Amazing ideas of decoration

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