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5 Must-Have Woodworking Tools For Beginners DIY | Woodworking Quick Tips

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Here’s a list of the 5 basic woodworking tools I’d recommend for beginners to DIY and woodworking. These tools should enable you to build almost anything, and will still be useful even if you upgrade to larger stationary tools later on. These tools would also make great gifts for any of the woodworkers in your life. Enjoy, and let me know what your 5 picks would be in the comments below!

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Tools Mentioned In This Video (affiliate):

Drill, Impact Driver & Circular Saw Combo :
General Purpose Circular Saw Blade :
Straight Edge Tool :
Countersink Bit :
Dowel Drilling Jig :
Jigsaw :
Random Orbit Sander :
Plunge Router :
Trim Router with Plunge Base :
Dust Collection Port for Trim Router :
Roundover Bit :
Chamfer Bit :
Flush Trim Bit :

Straight Line Circular Saw Jig Video :…

Jay Bates Router Table Video :…






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  1. saxyrep1 says:

    It's gonna shock some but as one who's been woodworking, not professionally but intensively, for 4 years here's what I think is really vital as a beginner :
    -Impact driver and drill
    -Miter saw
    -Jig saw
    -An orbital sander
    -A palm router
    -And most shockingly, a plunge tracksaw rather than a circular saw. Now, you can leave the angry comments sayin' I'm an idiot.

  2. I think this are the tools that you eventually will get but not all are necessary i put them in a list:
    1-drill (u don't really need an impact driver but it would make ur life easier
    2-circular saw
    3- orbit sander
    4- jig saw
    5- router

    p.s : swap the circular saw with the jig saw if you are doing mainly small decorative projects
    I hope this is helpful

  3. John 316 says:

    1. Circular saw
    2. Drill (recommends hammer drill for concrete)
    3. Jigsaw
    4. Random orbit sander
    5. Router

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  5. William G. says:

    These comments are killing me. I never thought so many people would take such joy from pointing out that covering a brand name doesn't fool them. Congratulations.

    And griping about jargon. If the man uses a word you don't understand, use the context and look it up. Expand your vocabulary. Nothing he said here is too complex for the average person to figure out.

    Or that it's "boring" because he talks too much. Really? If a quick education regarding tools you're going to dump a lot of money into is "boring," maybe this isn't the hobby for you.

    Hate to sound negative and all, but the guy helped you out with a video on a subject he knows a lot about. So do him a favor and say thank you. Lazy. 😅

  6. M M says:

    An impact driver is a must-have tool for beginner woodworkers? Sure sure.

  7. Timothy says:

    You should use a lot less "jargon" especially for a beginners tutorial

  8. Sander and cutting saw I need

  9. I got confused the second you used your woodworking lingo… bevel, fasteners, dowels, etc….

    Like I’m an actual beginner. Do you have any videos that explain this for beginners?

  10. Eddy vazquez says:

    Hey Johnny, I’m 22 and looking into wood working but I don’t have experience nor am I certified. How can I get started in wood working?

  11. Anschutz270 says:

    Covers the brand… If you know you know.

  12. APRIL MILLS says:

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  13. Darcy Anna says:

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  14. lovelife says:

    Jesus you talk way too much during your videos , get to the point man .
    I got bored listing to you for the first 10 mins

  15. Naomi Veale says:

    what does your tattoo say?

  16. Know_How says:

    Notice that he exposed a dewalt logo on the circular saw

  17. How To Set Up A Fully Equipped Small Woodworking Workshop For Under $1000:

  18. LDGAM3R says:

    Why are there 700 comments but no one put down the names. 😂

  19. Sonia Perez says:

    Too much bla bla bla and no demonstration. I got headache with his talking and didn’t learn anything about the tools 👐🏻

  20. Hey Guys!

    This is one of the best selling woodworking courses out there and i wouldn't want you to miss it.

    It has done wonders for me and my woodworking!

  21. coda creator says:

    Cordless circular saw is at least 3x the cost. I got a corded Makita with light and brake as a big- box return for $30. If money is an issue, stick with corded to start.

  22. He sure uses a lot of advanced words for a video for beginners 🥴

  23. “I have the branding covered up”…hmmm I wonder which company has black and yellow tools and a 20v max line? Does it rhyme with PeWalt?

  24. Emily Lotts says:

    Very informative. It would have helped a lot for beginners if u had shown little demonstration with each tool so that it would make us better understand wat tool is used for wat n how. But thanks for uploading this

  25. Dave Muston says:

    Great Video! Check out these project ideas and detailed plans to put these tools to work

  26. coda creator says:

    My ROS was bought new as my very first power tool because I found it on sale for $50. Has lock-on, variable speed, dust collection, and couple of sanding discs. After that, I found OfferUp and quit buying new for the moment (though 3 of the 4 tools I bought there had never been used) and saved a TRUCK LOAD of money. I just compare prices of 2nd hand vs New online and factor the risk of buying a factory reject with zero warranty into my offer.

  27. coda creator says:

    I need a system for cutting miters and am stuck between a small table saw and a miter saw. Seems like I can get a table saw cheaper than miter saw because everybody except my brother is getting into woodworking because of Covid and miter saws look really cool. Seems to me a table saw, if I can get a good one, will be the smarter choice in the short term. Would you agree?

  28. coda creator says:

    I don't know much about blades, but I can see that most of the guys here used Diablo, so I thought that might be a good place to start. A Diablo blade on a Makita circular saw is more than just good to use, it's flat out fun and results are pretty great, even from a newbie perspective.

  29. coda creator says:

    I've even used my circular saw to resaw lumber… Just made a jig and finished up with a hand saw.

  30. If you don’t know a Dewalt saw when you see one you don’t need to be woodworking