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4 Woodworking Projects That You Can Sell | Business

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4 woodworking projects that sell. In this video I discuss how I make money woodworking. These are my top 4 best selling woodworking projects I have sold over the past 6 years. I also talk about how I price my products. I am a hobby woodworker who has turned my hobby into a side hustle. I sell small and large products. If you are starting a woodworking business these products will help you understand the woodworking business, concepts and strategies that you may want to explore as a woodworker. If you are trying to make money woodworking or with your DIY projects consider making furniture and home decor. These woodworking projects can be made with basic tools. I have been able to make enough money to reinvest the money I have made back into my shop and have a-little left over for taking the family out to a nice dinner ever so often. I hope this information helps you determine what type of woodworking business you want to build.

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DISCLAIMERS | Some of these links have an affiliate code, if you purchase tools or gear with these links I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps cover my build materials. Thank you!


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  1. Ass Tastic says:

    He's got such a good vibe.🤙

  2. Kits are a good idea right now since everyone is staying home now. I get so excited when I get new plans!

  3. Daniel Atu says:

    Super useful advice! Thank you!

  4. C Golden says:

    Thank you for sharing, great video

  5. Hey, what’s wrong with flipping burgers? (Sad face).

  6. Yeaa, I learnt woodworking with

    onlinedigistore. com

  7. Yea, I learned woodwork with

    onlinedigistore. com

  8. Great job! You defiantly have it going on for your self. Great work.

  9. The adorable, and fun, kid's step stool is a great product that any mom would love to have for her little one's.

  10. Jay Reidy says:

    How do you ship that cool stool? Have you thought of CNC to mass produce them?
    I really like it.

  11. Where can i find the pattern for the step stool?

  12. I love your energy and enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Good information! Thank you for sharing. A software developer and woodworker here too.

  14. workhardism says:

    I like that shirt. Where can I get one?

  15. mojorizn72 says:

    Entirely too many interruptions during the video with ads! Thumbs down

  16. So cool ! I am a software developer and I love woood working !! Why do the majority of developers do woodworking as well?? 😁

  17. What material/wood do you use for the kids’ stool? It’s adorable!!

  18. Well I will try to write this for a third time, I keep making it too long, my only problem with your video is you didn’t show us anything you did except for the stepping stool and the stick with the line cut down it from a router, to make a better video please show us some samples of what you’re doing like you were talking about the fireplace kit I would’ve loved to have seen what you were talking about sound like a Great idea, but anyway maybe next time

  19. Build a cnc machine or buy one if you wanna mass produce. Minimally run templates and a router table. Gonna need a bandsaw to cut the rough shapes then trim with the router, but it makes it faster.

  20. Island Wills says:

    your number one product, get a cnc machine and you could churn those out mass produced super fast. were i you thats how i would scale it up, cnc machine pocket hole joinery and then just the painting. you could even automate the painting with a specialized flatbed printer. but that i must admit would be super duper expensive.

    also, i use etsy to test a product. ive found some sell slowly, others quickly. but the best thing, as you increase your offerings your even if you have mostly slow sellers you will find that your selling more and more

  21. Great video thank you — Curious, something that big – Doesn't the cost of shipping really impact sales?

  22. Nice video! What type of wood did you make the step stool out of?

  23. I'm surprised you can make 30 to 100 per hour flipping burgers. Did I misunderstanding.

  24. Bill Lowden says:

    Great ideas. I am a web designer and woodworker. I agree that moving to a website is a good idea. It will increase your chances of making a sell. Search engine traffic is traffic that is searching for the item that you are selling. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Skip Hughes says:

    100,000 dollars for a table saw haha

  26. Skip Hughes says:

    30 to 100 dollars an hour to flip burgers

    sign me up

  27. I built an alligator step stool but the spikes on the top didn’t go over well with the parents.

  28. And who wants to "flip burgers"? Lol