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18 things every beginning woodworker should know

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New to woodworking? Here are some honest tips and advice to get started. Looking for a meaningful, productive hobby? Learn how to set up shop for less than $1000. Download my FREE GUIDE ►


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  1. sean c says:

    I started with a drill and a pile of scrap wood 5 years ago and made a simple wine rack , now I have a modest little makeshift shop on one side of my garage and a ton of works inside and outside of my house. I can't stop myself. Thanks for the weekend woodworker tips.

  2. Brandy webb says:

    I know they dont. Cuz she got yo tool looking foolish chasing after my tool. 😎 So i know who tool pimpin who😅😅😅 And it aint stealing for cutty Kirby neither. And she wonder why i call her p whipped. Like the pate great John Whetherspoon said: you aint supposed to get p whipped son, you supposed to tame that kitty. Now she got yo p whipped self riding unicycles for sexual favors. 😅😅😅😅 Dont get mad at this free ninja.😎

  3. Isur Cantu says:

    Am I the only want who saw the Ouija board behind him. heheheh. Great video.

  4. ebusive says:

    I've built some really useful stuff around the house using nothing more than those cheap green tools from the orange store.

    I probably could have paid someone to make most of this stuff but there's a real satisfaction knowing I did it myself, and I know that if I ever need to do it again I can use the lessons learned from the first time and get better and faster.

  5. Aleph Null says:

    talking about it haha would you ever wanna make a live edge river end table

  6. pizzamann95 says:

    Great content. I just completed my first project. I made a turntable stand for my wife for Christmas. Now I'm planning to make a TV/gaming stand for my den.

  7. CroBattalion says:

    Wait! Where is your flannel?

  8. Dig the ouija board!!!

  9. Only one tool I need to be a handyman 😉

  10. magik9637 says:

    Love your comment about being proud of your work. I love the fact that my projects look homemade.

  11. J Smith says:

    It's been years. I still make my mallets as tought by WWMM Steve's great. Start here!

  12. Joi Isak says:

    Thank you for taking the piss out of those elitists 🫖🍵

  13. G says:

    why is there a oujia board behind you?

  14. jim77004 says:

    you're they best Steve.
    Love your videos.

  15. Minnesnowtan says:

    Do not make a suitcase from 2x12s unless you just want to annoy TSA, that part makes it more worthwhile.

  16. Darn you for speaking the truth, Steve!!

    Festool will be sending a hit team very shortly whenever their perfect powered assassins's swords are ready…..😜

  17. Tom Joad says:

    What is wrong with pocket holes?

  18. Don Breda says:

    Steve, I just discovered your channel and was absolutely delighted by your philosophy in this video! Thanks so much for posting it.

  19. ALPHAFERT says:

    I consider myself both a new & seasoned woodworker. I have used some of my woodworking skills professionally but the bulk of it was for fun. Most of my professional skill use was repairing musical instruments. In music there is a school of thought that many instrument teachers push that I feel applies to woodworking & that is enjoyment is all that matters.

    I have a lot of different tool grades & while I admit there are times when I think it's wise to spend the money there are others that I really don't feel it matters. I have seen professional carpenters do some stupid things & think the hobbyists should be proud of accomplishment rather than critical of detail.

    I have a lot of ryobi & often get mocked by elitist type for this but my 22y/o drill still works. My most expensive tool is my table saw. For safety I wanted a heavy saw with a sturdy base & a strong motor. I would go as far as to say some expensive tools aren't worth it. I watched another channel pull apart a festool track saw & some aspects of how they are built just don't add up to the price.

  20. Karl Porter says:

    I wish as a beginner someone had told me to learn up on wood movement & the variety of finish options with pros/cons of each.

  21. ACoustaDC says:

    Do you or any of your family members give sound financial advice, and their days are better than they deserve?

  22. Thank you for making wood working so friendly and accessible! I’m really looking forward to my new hobby and your channel is a big part of that 🙂

  23. Emmleaaaa says:

    I love this!! I just discovered your channel while doing some research for a project I'm taking on. I'm not building anything, but I'm trying to fix a vintage dining table that I got from a friend. I'm pretty sure it just needs to be taken apart and reglued, but having a little woodworking background knowledge is going to help! Thank you!

  24. Ella Cav says:

    I referred you to a disabled deaf man who loved watching his carpenter grandfather. I think he will enjoy watching you and learning. thanks for CC.

  25. No matter how skilled you are as a craftsman, you can't build a thing without tools. Never underestimate them. But a poor craftsman blames his tools.

  26. Viplav Anand says:

    'I am just some guy'. That's quite humble. An admirer of your methods. Learnt my basics through you. Thanks..

  27. Alana Jenkin says:

    Lol I didn’t know any woodworkers… except my father and grandfather

  28. Thank you for this video (and all the others). This was really encouraging, thank you man!

  29. Michael Le says:

    New to the channel and I love how clear and concise your videos are! Keep it up!

  30. James Webb says:

    I am 61 and just last year found that I have a passion and apparently a little talent for wood working, I watch a ton of video's on here from safety, to making jigs and everything in between, and I must tell you ,and I watch a lot of your video's and am a subscriber, this is a really great inspirational piece. Nice work

  31. Valiriana says:

    Love your Aditude man

  32. Joey Hinds says:

    Can anyone here tell me how comparable a portable table saw is to a permanent shop installation. I dont much room for a shop and move around a lot. Thanks.

  33. Buy the best all round tool for the workshop. A router possibly with its table. The only woodworking task a router will not do to your satisfaction is hammer a nail in.
    Find your nearest Ikea and go straight to the Bargain Corner, more wood of all types including melamine covered mdf, great for wheeled tool stands.

  34. Jordan Bruce says:

    Oh man your positive makes me smile

  35. Bo Alberto says:

    Another great tip!!!
    If you use two and one is 1 mm longer or shorter than the other, it can create some trouble at some point.
    Stick to one!

  36. Sarah Sun says:

    thank you so much for sharing and encourage!! I subscribed to your channel after watching your video. Great tips shared..

  37. Osmal44 _ says:

    Best advice I’ve heard so far. Really encouraging and welcoming! Thank you.

  38. Rod Shelley says:

    Does the Ouija board help with getting stuff to work? LOL Love your videos, Steve!

  39. Very good i watch this video a lot!

  40. Jah Pedro says:

    Thank you for this video, 😁 you are a Saint