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11 Fun Home Decoration Hacks! DIY Creative Craft Ideas

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Lack an inspiration to decorate your home? Try our fun DIY decoration ideas. Use items that you can find around your house to make cute decorations. Learn how to create a tiny bottle garden, make a hanging pot holder, or turn an old domino set into a clock. All these decor hacks and more home crafts are ready for you!

00:00 Kokedama
01:14 Tiny Bottle Garden
01:47 Lightbulb In A Frame
02:35 Jug Head Planters
03:08 Bottle Decoration
04:40 Hanging Pot Holder
05:46 Light Strip Window
06:19 Puzzle Photo Frame
07:02 Domino Clock
07:52 Cauliflower Shape Bowl
09:18 DIY Sun Mirror

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    Hey, Creative Pandas, 🐼🎋

    Looking for ways to redecorate your home? 🤔🌳🌿

    I’ve prepared a whole bunch of nature-inspired ideas just for that! 🎍🌹🌼

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  5. you are copy from your old video😱

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  7. i always see crafty panda hacks and never try it my favourite is Emily and my sister's is Jessica

  8. madhu ganesh says:

    Omg so many comments from india

  9. i love these ideas!! it's so useful and i can make my house way more cooler without spending any money !!! YEAH!!! and btw thank you

  10. Amazing video….surely going to try it…love from india🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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