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10 Best Butt Joint Methods | Woodworking Tips & Tricks

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10 different ways to butt joint two boards together. Brought to you by Squarespace. For 10% off your first purchase, go to:

Hardwood from Kencraft:

0:40 Glue and Nails
0:54 Screws and Plugs
1:40 Pocket Holes:
2:03 Biscuit Joint
2:45 Festool Domino
3:24 Through Dowel
3:47 Blind Dowel
4:23 Spline
6:35 Mitered Butt Spline
8:00 Hidden Mitered Butt Spline

Wood Glue:
Counter Bore Drill Bit:
Drill Press (similar):
Plug Cutter:
Pocket Hole Jig:
Biscuit Jointer:
Festool Domino:
Little Bandsaw:
Table Saw:
Large Bandsaw:
Painters Tape:
Disc Sander:

Get Started in Woodworking:
Solid Wood Pencils and Case:
Spline Jig:

Music by Me:
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  1. Dude looks like he's gonna be late for a meeting but still nails it.

  2. That’s the cleanest workshop I even seen and looks like drive true spline plus 7 more,so fast I missed some of it,your amazing

  3. Nick F says:

    Nice presentation. What kind of gravy did you use when you joined the wood?

  4. what power tool is that in 2:08

  5. A wooden end can possible to see both side…?
    I mean two ends surface appears..

  6. Jac001277 says:

    Dude you have Pure Guava on the screen in the back! I’m a huge Ween fan! Awesome video man!

  7. The pocket holes were not made correctly. Did I hear you say before that it is not your favorite joinery?

  8. nwstraith says:

    I would love to see a video testing the strength of each type of joint you've made here

  9. Restu Bazar says:

    I agree nail is the easily and powerful wood join, but less artistic..

  10. 조가비 says:

    1000년 전부터 한국과 중국에서 썻던 방식입니다.

  11. Alex Cloyd says:

    Howdy. New subscriber. What's the most effective structurally while also easiest to do? I'd imagine the pocket drill maybe?

  12. I built a workbench with a 2×3 frame. I wanted to hinge 5 tool supports to the framework and be able to conceal the 5 bench top tools under individual lids. Knowing the framework would be subjected to heavy loads from the hinge supported tools, I opted to use long deck screws to fasten the butt jointed 2×3's together. Also knowing that driving the screws parallel to the grain is not as secure as a cross grain hold, I bored and sank a 1/2" hardwood dowel about an inch in from the end of the parallel grain piece into the 1 1/2" side and that bound the joint really tight without stripping the wood grain.

  13. themizaru says:

    you're drilling the pocket holes the wrong way.

  14. Thanh Thai says:

    Of the simple one which is the strongest hold?

  15. MD Moto says:

    10 joints in ten minutes, well done. straight and to the point. Aren't your last two joints actually "Mitre Joints" and not Butt Joints"?

  16. ElTurbinado says:

    btw how do you like that drill press is that the 2350? would you buy it again if you could go back in time?

  17. If I want to make a simple bookshelf, can I use the wood glue + nails with hammer. I see alot of tutorials says u have to make pocket hole's. I have never made anything so I was hoping I could make my 1st project bookshelf with no pocket holes

  18. Leigh Dean says:

    What's the strongest?

  19. Got to admire a man who likes his butts in different ways.

  20. Straight to the point. Amazing. Upvote 😉

  21. Super video,very usefull,thanks man

  22. NerdBanshee says:

    "Welcome ta meksomendame!"